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There are a series of occurrences in everyone's journey, but there comes a spot where the connection created can never be ignored. The creator’s extra-ordinary desire to be a“painter of great scents”, landed him these fragrances. He believes “Great Scent is an art. 

Grasse, a hub of the creation of impactful scents that the world has experienced, gave birth to the creator's insight into understanding how scents work.

 The tone of mystery has been a major character in which all scents created under the umbrella of the brand should portray.

Scentence 360 is created as a result of the creator's experience during a private training in The Art of Perfumery in Grasse. He said "Scentence was a term he created to mean the coordination of scent notes to create a scent that emits uniqueness as a character".



The term “Scentence” was inspired by this Fragrance. As the creator noted,"If we can co-ordinate words to  communicate meaningfully and call that “SENTENCE”, then a well coordinated notes of scents to express modernity and to make a statement of one’s personality could be termed as “Scentence”. 

We have discovered that " elegance is expressed through an outstanding creativity'". This is the reason every product of M³, is observed as an "Outstanding ART".

We aim at giving our consumers aesthetic experience, not just a finished product.

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